Angulo Crossa is the first prize in the Contest of Rapid Painting “City of Almansa ‘

Plaza de Santa María de AlmansaNew award to José Luis Angulo Crossa a Painting Competition, if a few days ago we reported on the victory at the XI International Painting Prize 2014 Toledo City Cieza Puche, today we have to report a new award ubriqueño painter, in this case XIII in the National Contest of Rapid Painting “City of Almansa ‘that was organized by the Council of this town of Albacete was developing during the day on Sunday August 31, 2014.

Angulo Crossa was done with the first prize in this contest of Rapid Painting handing out a total of 7,200 euros among its 11 awards, of which our countryman has been 1,200 which were provided by the city of Almansa own by the work that accompanies this news and is a 146×81 cm oil. in the Plaza de Santa María of the town through the eyes and hands of Jose Luis Angulo is reflected.

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