Exposure of José L. Angulo in Cartagena

On Thursday 11th took place the opening of the solo exhibition of José L. Angulo Bisel Gallery Crossa in Cartagena, a splendid venue where you can see some thirty works with landscapes and still lifes ubriqueño artist and will be open until next November 25, 2012.

We reproduce below a portrait of Angulo Crossa by Marco Barquero:

José Luis Angulo: the creative process as a dialogue between nature and art

When Pepe me the idea that it was I who drafted a few words of introduction to his upcoming exhibition, came to my many memories, moments and stories of our beginnings in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Granada. Since then there have been more than ten years and still maintain spontaneity in the retina and the strong imprint of the time rich and full, in which paint from life became one of the most rewarding learning resources and motivating him. Even today, watched as his encounter with nature remains one of its main sources of inspiration, channeling vehicle for artistic creation and reiterated that persecuted daily encounter with the natural force continues today, but what at first was mimesis is now finding their own personal language.

The formal maturity appears, in my opinion, when the work is no longer a mimetic representation of reality is then, when the artist embraces the object, internalizes and makes it his own by passing through the sieve of their sensitivity, and by Personal use of language gives the representation its own autonomy granted by category of art object. Is this breaking the drawing object (as mimesis) that we observed in this sample of the work of Jose Luis, where the drawing is opened for the strength of the spot color used subjectively, trying to find the balance between a picture sometimes only suggested, and color as a tool of creation, since “the color does not add an ornament to the drawing, it reinforces” (Pierre Bonnard). The picture, however, remains a skeleton in each of his works, and provide a compositional balance, we can find the rhythm of the stroke, but closely linked to the same spot color, a stain that due to its fragmentation provides a visual dynamic that enriches the aforementioned compositional balance. The movement is one of the keys used by the artist to interpret reality, this motion is passed, I think, by the broken picture which we have already referred, by an unconventional use of color and broken brushwork that appears in many of his paintings.

All the above items are produced in the viewer a variety of sensations, which involve e encouragesus participate in the conclusion of the creative process works from both a visual and intellectual dimension. This presupposes that we have a painting that is completed and closed in itself, but is open to interpretation ending of retinal build and drive, hence the richness of this exhibition that invites us to participate, get into the work and stop, giving us part of the creative process to our subjectivity.

Marco Barquero

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