A piece of Angulo selected for the BMW Prize XXVI Painting

If a year ago we had to talk about the Medal of Honor awarded to José Luis Angulo in the last edition of BMW Painting Award, this time our countryman will not be without recognition, since one of his works titled “Ovale Tavolo “with a size of 195×195 cm. an oil / acrylic on linen, has been selected to join the catalog of the XXVI edition BMW Painting Award will be exhibited from 10 to 29 January 2012 at the Cultural Center Casa de Vacas Park located in Madrid’s El Retiro.

This distinction has a high value because in this twenty-sixth year, the Prix BMW beat its record of participants, as they have received more than 900 works of the most diverse trends, techniques and styles as part of the thirty Angulo between winning and selected artists.

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