José L. Angulo anunciará con una obra rompedora la Feria de Ubrique 2009

Obra de Angulo Crossa elegida para la Feria 2009

As announced in recent weeks, both carnival and fair posters will be commissioned from the Ubrique painters who have won the Regional Painting Competition ‘Villa de Ubrique’, among other objectives, to increase the Quality of the same and to make a pictorial heritage.

And the first commission made was perhaps the most quoted local painter of the moment, José L. Angulo Crossa , which with the work done completely breaks with what had been done to date in the cartelería Of Ubrique. A work that changes to begin with the traditional alignment, becomes horizontal and not only this, but in panoramic format, with a painting done in oil on canvas size 55×162 cm. Which will be reduced in the cartel to 100×34 cm.

José L. Angulo has not only broken with the format, but also with the theme since it moves away from the traditional and it creates a fair of awnings and a game of lights and shadows (day and night) of the party. And also, Angulo Crossa also breaks in another aspect, because for the realization of this work will not charge for it, but will cede the rights of reproduction of this work to the City Council for the realization of the poster of the fair, remaining in the property of the Author the same.

A beautiful piece for a risky bet that will surely meet, regardless of whether we like it or not, with the function of a poster announcer of the fair, which is nothing other than to publicize the event, and that is what I said Don Quixote: ‘Ladran, then we ride, friend Sancho’ .

Interview with José L. Angulo by the journalist Rocío Sevilla for the microphones of Radio Ubrique on the election of the Fair Poster 2009, held on Wednesday, July 29, 2009:

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